Wanna Close More Deals? Put People First.

We’re all looking for ways to close more deals. Here’s the solution … put people first.

When we focus on people and build a human connection, we make closing deals faster and easier.

Focusing on people helps us understand customers’ needs.

When we know our customers, we don’t have to start the sales process all over again … we’re already on our way to the deal.

We’re building a relationship with our customers … they’re comfortable with us, they trust us and they’ll want to buy from us.

When we focus on the human connection and put people first, selling becomes a whole lot more enjoyable because …

  • People – their different personalities, behaviors, actions and reactions – put challenge into our sales process.
  • Working with people is what gets us excited about what we do … it’s why we’re in sales.

When we build the human connection, we’re building value-based people relationships for doing business now and in the future … and relationships close more deals.

Saleswoman thinking like a buyer to close more deals

So how do we make sure we’re putting people first?

Try this simple strategy … switch roles in your mind and start thinking like a buyer.

When we’re buying, don’t we want salespeople who first get to know us and engage us as people? Who respond to our needs, not theirs? Who give us we want instead of what they want to sell us?

Sure we do.

When we think like a buyer, it’s easy to see our customers as people first.


When we put people first, we’ll build relationships and close a whole lot more deals.

Watch the video.

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