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Go for the Green SALES CHALLENGE is a completely new way to close deals. The Challenge maps the buyer’s journey to the deal from before the sales interaction begins to building the buyer relationship after the interaction is completed. This dynamic Challenge experience gets results fast.

Get unlimited value with these real-World benefits

Simple Easy

  • Simplifies the complete sales interaction before, during and after the deal
  • Clear step-by-step path to close the deal


  • Fast, interactive and self-paced
  • Follows an innovative visual path to the deal


  • Prepares reps to sell in just a few hours
  • Builds customer understanding and sales skills fast


  • Everything a team needs in 1 complete program
  • Pre-planning, steps to the deal, building relationships

the Challenge adds more value

The Challenge adds 3 real-world sales optimizers that guarantee results.

Sales funnel with Understanding Customers, Boosting Sales Skills, Building Value-Based Relationships

Warm Up A self check that rates your reps’ sales smarts before beginning The Challenge. Warm Up helps you and your reps choose what you want to work on first.

Deal Maker A simple real world planner for every sales interaction. Deal Maker gets your reps ready to close the deal.

Skill Checker A custom skills checklist. Your reps rate their skills after any sales interaction with Skill Checker  

Exclusive Go for the Green Satisfaction guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Image

We are so confident that Go for the Green will meet or exceed your expectations, we will refund your product payment in full, after 15 days of use. Your complete satisfaction and best return on your investment, is our only objective.

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