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3 Simple Steps that Nail Sales

Get to know these 3 simple steps that nail sales every time: Know, Engage, Sell.

Sure, products and product solutions are important, but we need to connect them with stronger customer knowledge. That will get our customers to buy … and give ourselves a winning formula for sales results. Read more

What Makes Tiger Tick?

What Golf Superstar Tiger Woods Can TeachSales Professionals About Winning Is Tiger Woods the greatest golfer who ever lived? Jack Nicklaus might think so. Nicklaus, a living legend himself, has said as much about Tiger, “He’s playing a game I’m not familiar with.” Tiger won the US Open as he was watched by over 9 … Read more

Crush your goals

Crush Your 2020 Goals in 4 Simple Steps – Get Ready

Here’s a quick way to jump start your 2020 goal setting. First, take some time to think about what happened in 2019. These questions will help focus your thinking … What were your accomplishments during the year? What lessons did you learn? What obstacles did you overcome? Who supported you throughout the year… and who … Read more

Crush your goals

Crush Your 2020 Goals in 4 Simple Steps

People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going. Earl Nightingale Goals and the goal setting process can often be complex and confusing. There’s a way you can beat this. Crush Your Goals is a 4 step process that simplifies goal setting to help you set and achieve any goal. Step 1 – DREAM … Read more

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I Got Data. I Got Social. How Come I Got No Deals?

So, I got data and I got social … how come I got no deals? How can I manage data and social and still close deals? These are questions I get asked almost every day when coaching salespeople and sales leaders. They’re frustrated and stressed because, even with all the sales tools available, they still … Read more

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Selling Ain’t Rocket Science – It’s Simple

Selling ain’t rocket science. Selling is simple, real simple. Coaching and working with sales leaders and salespeople today, I’m constantly amazed at how complex we’ve made selling. It seems to me we’ve clouded what selling really is, overwhelming it with technology … even if some technology is convenient and useful. The danger in too much … Read more

Salesperson putting people first.

Wanna Close More Deals? Put People First.

We’re all looking for ways to close more deals. Here’s the solution … put people first. When we focus on people and build a human connection, we make closing deals faster and easier. Focusing on people helps us understand customers’ needs. When we know our customers, we don’t have to start the sales process all … Read more

Closing deals with the human connection

Close More Deals with the Human Connection

Closing more deals is all about the human connection. Harvey Mackay, a well known entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, is a master of 2 key sales concepts: Building the human connection to help customers buy. Developing value-based customer relationships. No matter what sales process and software we’re using, we are the ones who get our … Read more

The human connection to close more deals

Rock your Sales with 5 questions

Rock your sales. Ask yourself these 5 questions.
1. How Can I Personalize My Sales Process?
Seeing customers as people first personalizes your sales process. Focus on building a connection with your customers while you’re collecting customer data. It’s the key to closing more deals.
2 – How Can I Engage My Customers? … Read more