5 Ways sales and golf champions win

The other day, I happened to catch media coverage of a PGA tournament. As I watched the golfers competing, it struck me that champions in golf are a lot like champions in sales.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized the reason champions in sales and golf are so alike is that they both use the same 5 ways to win.

#1 – Prepare

2 cranes building "skills" needed to prepare in sales and golf.

Golf champions spend years and years practicing and preparing for their events.

Sales champions do the same. They prepare themselves with deep research and knowledge about what they are selling and, especially, who they are selling. They practice their skills relentlessly to prepare for every sales interaction, they watch selling videos, participate in sales groups, network personally, read sales blogs, books and articles on selling … repeatable actions that prepare them to compete and win.

#2 – Know the Field

Checkbox to highlight know the field in sales and golf

Golf champions need to know their competitive field. They study their competitors, the course and every event detail to learn all they can about what to expect on tournament days and how they can win.

Sales professionals striving to be champions know their field just as well. They work consistently to get answers to questions about their market:

  • Who are my competitors?
  • What are their advantages?
  • Where are they vulnerable?
  • What will it take to outperform them?

#3 – Believe

Believe to be a champion in sales and golf.

Golf and sales champions start with a strong belief in themselves.

They have a healthy level of confidence in their skills and abilities. They expect to win … and usually do.

They’ve learned to control their minds to conquer any doubts and fears that arise during competition.

Champions focus on believing that their preparation, knowledge and skill will ensure a win.

#4 – Overachieve

Overachieve goals in sales and golf

Champions in golf and sales are never completely satisfied. They set aggressive goals for themselves. They work relentlessly to meet these goals … and then to better them.

Achieving a “personal best” means resetting the goal; then, working nonstop to overachieve the new one.

Their constant drive to overachieve produces ever improving results and continuous positive outcomes … personal satisfaction and recognition, higher earnings, and successful careers.

#5 – Go for it All

Never quit to go for it all in sales and golf

Joining the winners’ circle, at the tournament or in sales, means going for it all and doing all that needs to be done to win.

Champions don’t allow any obstacles to stand in their way. They either plow through them – regardless of personal sacrifices, injuries or disappointments – or work to find a way around them.

Champions are driven and resilient. They get right back in the game and continue to compete, even when loss or defeat threatens. Tiger Woods showed us how to go for it all with his major comeback win at The Masters.

So that’s how sales and golf champions win. How can you use their winning ways to release the champion in you?

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