The Sales Driver Story

Once upon a time ….

There was a kid, Peter Willis, who wanted to be in sales, just like his father and grandfather before him. Whether making sales calls with his grandfather when he was 9, selling candy door to door in his neighborhood when he was 13 or convincing parents to buy bulk food for their families later on, he was hooked on sales.

He followed his sales dream down many paths and with many different companies, developing his skills and helping others develop theirs. Working with clients to optimize their sales results, he began to wonder, “Why are we making the sales process so complex? Why isn’t there a simple process that guides buyers to a buying decision?”

Now there was an idea …

Why not create a simple, fast, repeatable sales process?

On the buyer side, if done right, the process would engage customers personally and encourage them to buy. It would promote stronger relationships between buyer and seller, and provide great value for today’s buyers who demand simple, fast solutions.

On the sales side, the process would show sales leaders everywhere how to map a buyer’s journey from start to finish in any sales interaction. It would guide customers to buying decisions by understanding their needs and then helping them select the best solution. This kind of process would bring enjoyment and a sense of fun into the sales interaction, benefiting both buyer and seller alike.

This was an idea worth pursuing …

Developing the process became an all-consuming challenge for Peter. He worked non-stop with Linda, his wife and business partner, and their team to refine the process and test the market. As the team worked on it, they discovered 2 new benefits … a simple sales process would hack today’s complex and confusing sales technology world, and it would deliver solid value as a perfect platform for sales leaders to build their careers.

How could we make the process resonate with sales leaders?

That’s where Peter’s love of golf came in. Golf would resonate! Golf is just like sales … the challenge to get better, the competition, the social connections and relationships … plus all the fun and enjoyment in both. Like golf, sales demands careful preparation, consistent skills practice, and the ability to adapt to fast-changing situations. Integrating golf concepts into the sales process would make the whole experience visual, easy to understand, easy to remember and, most important, fun.

So how could we connect a golf experience to the sales process?

Circle image showing sales and golf connection

Simple! Make the experience virtual. A virtual process would reach a much larger audience of sales leaders. Since virtual access is embraced everywhere, we could win followers even faster. In our digitally dependent post-COVID world, virtual access is expanding rapidly and will become even more vital going forward.

It worked …

Following months and months of research, planning, development and testing, Peter’s vision became a reality as Go for the Green™ Sales Driver. Sales Driver and its unique integration with golf, combined with its follow up coaching programs, are now ready for your sales team to optimize their results.

How can Sales Driver work for your team?

Give your team the simple sales process that closes deals faster and easier. See impressive sales and revenue results from your investment. Make the sales journey engaging and fun for your team … just like playing a solid round of golf. And if they’re not golfers… just maybe Go for the Green™ Sales Driver will intrigue them enough to take up golf, one of the world’s most engaging and challenging sports!

Take a look and find out how you can close more deals.