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close deals the simple way

The Challenge sales process is simple, easy to use and gets results fast.

the challenge closes deals with what’s important

Understanding your customers’ needs

Boosting and practicing your sales skills

Building value-based customer relationships

So What’s the Challenge?

The simple sales process that closes deals

The easy way to understand your customer’s needs

The engaging way that enables customers to buy

The all-in-one package that gets you results fast

Start seeing results today!

Why You need the challenge Now

The Challenge Closes Deals

It’s simple … no complex technology needed

It’s fast, easy to use and online

Gives you an engaging way to boost your skills

Builds customer relationships that close more deals

Connects with your CRM to get results faster

Start seeing results today!

What makes the challenge special?

Sales-golf connection

The Golf Connection

Golf is just like sales … the challenge to get better, the competition and the social connections.

The Challenge focuses your goals, boosts your skills and builds relationships just like golf.

The Challenge and golf both show you how to win with mental preparation and lots of practice

Linking sales with golf lets you visualize and experience everything you need to close deals.

Challenge Sales Coach

Simplifies your sales goals and gets results

Helps you develop actionable sales strategies

Powers up your sales skills

Helps you build customer relationships that get more deals

Team leader coaching sales rep

Start seeing results today!

What Our users say

"Awesome product. It’s captivating, pleasing, entertaining and made good use of my time to refresh myself on my selling basics … found myself wanting more."
Image of Dan Buckles
Dan Buckles
Deputy CEO of Tinubu Square Americas
"I love all the analogies. The Challenge is an interesting and unique approach to selling that can be used for any industry. I have been in sales for many years and I can see it being a part of a training session or as a standalone work assignment for all sales professionals."
Image of Anita Colletti, Realtor
Anita Colletti
Realtor, John R. Wood Properties
"Go for the Green Sales Challenge is an innovative, fun and practical business tool from one of the best selling skills development companies in the business. It features dynamic golf-themed content based on the most effective sales training program I have ever seen. I really like the way it ‘links’ the game of golf with strategic selling. If you’re in sales, you need Go for the Green Sales Challenge, especially if you like golf. Highly recommended."
Image of Neil Connolly
Neil Connolly
Director of Client Success at Bright Immigration
"I’ve been working with Peter Willis, who developed The Challenge, for a number of years now. I owe much of my success to him. The lessons from his Go for the Green Sales Challenge learning product have helped me lay the foundation for my selling. I would recommend Peter and his suite of offerings to anyone I know."
Image of Tim Martin
Tim Martin
CEO, Cloud Pricing Services

Start seeing results today!